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#LyingDonald here's why Donald Trump's message for his day-1 policies is full of BS

By Victor Hernandez

Donald Trump released a video listing the actions he will take on day one of his presidency supposedly to protect jobs and "make America great again."

But it turns out his "actions" are no more than some very weak pyrotechnics that amount to no more than a bunch of bullshit.

Let's take a look:

1. He says he will withdraw America from the TPP.

Trump can't really withdraw from the TPP because the United States is not even in the TPP yet. Congress has not ratified the free trade treaty, and the Obama administration abandoned all efforts to get it ratified after the elections.

Thus, since there's nothing to withdraw from, Trump is promising a whole bunch of nothing.

Or to put it another way, with that "action" from Trump, everything will stay the same.

By the way: he says that instead he's going to negotite "fair, bilateral trade deals that bring jobs and industry back onto American shores." Oh yeah? And who will want to do that if they can negotiate with China instead?

Once again, Trump is promising a whole bunch of nothing.

2. He says he will cancel restrictions on fracking and coal.

Double BS here. First of all, the reason why coal is being used less is because energy is now being generated with natural gas from fracking. So the more fracking you have, the less coal will be used.

I'm not making it up. Read it from a fracking supporter in a San Diego Union-Tribune opinion column.

Second, the only federal regulations on fracking were the ones the Obama Administration approved last year and they only applied to public lands. But guess what? A Federal Judge stroke down the regulations claiming the US Bueau of Land Management doesn't have the authority to establish rules ober fracking on federal and Indian lands.

So what Trump is promising is to cancel "restrictions" that, like the TPP, have already been cancelled.

By the way: Lots of luck for all of the remaining coal miners who will lose their jobs when fracking increases.

3. He will eliminate two regulations for every new regulation he applies.

That one is a very neat magic trick but still a bunch of BS, as he can incorporate the two eliminated regulations into the new regulation.

4. He will impose a five-year ban on executive officials becoming lobbyists after they leave the administration.

BS again. First of all, his transition team is full of lobbyists and he admitted it.

Second, he has no way to enforce that 5-year ban once he is out of office. That would fall on whoever replaces Trump in the White House. And that person can simply ignore the contract.

By the way; what Trump is not saying is that only registered lobbyists are officially recognized as lobbyists. The vast majority of them are not registered and they operate underground. Thus, anyone signing a contract with Trump agreeing not to be a lobbyist probably wasn't going to register as one anyway.

Thus, once again Trump is promising something that wasn't going to happen officially anyway.

Why did Trump record that BS message then? Well, to try to keep his supporters from turning against him after it has been clear that his transition is a disaster. And since a lot of Trump's supporters are not highly educated, they're probably going to believe all the BS Trump fed them in that message.

But I'm not buying Trump's bullshit. Because in the end, based on what Trump claims in the video, he's not going to do anything. Everything will be exactly the same.

So much for "making America great again."

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