domingo, 22 de mayo de 2016

The Corporate Stupidity Files: Airport urinal with... well, take a look

By Victor Hernandez

Don't get me wrong. As a Mexican I love Mexico. And I really like Huatulco, one Mexico's most beautiful beaches. But I have to say that the incident I'm going to talk about next at the Huatulco International Airport in the state of Oaxaca definitely qualifies as corporate stupidity.

All airports in Mexico are operated by private corporations. This one in particular, the one in Huatulco, is operated by Grupo Aeropuertario del Pacífico. I'm letting you know this so you can understand why I'm saying this is just corporate stupidity.

The Huatulco Airport, as I said, is actually really nice. They even have an old airplane painted in traditional indigenous style outside the building:

Also the airport is very clean, comfortable, and it has a pretty decent little snack place where you can have some food while you wait for your plane.

The problem is this. See if you can spot anything out of the ordinary in this picture of one the airport's urinals:

No? Take a closer look:

That's right. The deodorizer bar is being used as an air freshener.

Again, the bathroom at the Huatulco airport is clean and comfortable. What's NOT comfortable is having a bar or ammonia so close to your nose.

Obviously they did this so you would be forced to smell the ammonia and not notice the smell of urine. I'm guessing that way the airport won't have to clean the bathroom as often. And since the users can't tell the difference because of the ammonia right in front of them, the airport probably gets less complaints.

Which may seem like a really smart move, but in the long run, as the smell of the urine becomes more potent, people will be greeted at the urinal with the smell of ammonia and pee.

And that, I'm afraid, is corporate stupidity.

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