domingo, 6 de diciembre de 2015

Regarding Star Wars; Dear JJ Abrams: FUCK YOU and Disney too

By Victor Hernandez

So now JJ Abrams says, according to Reuters, that the new Star Wars movie won't meet people's expectations because people's hopes are too high.

In a video interview, Reuters asked him if the movie will live up to the hype. His response? "No."

¿His excuse for the movie not living up to the hype? That it is "impossible" to be as good as George Lucas.

Hmmm... If that's the case, then why did Disney decide not to use the stories George Lucas wrote for the sequel trilogy?

So I call bullshit on that.

The real reason why the movie won't live up to the hype is because Disney overhyped it. We've NEVER been as bombarded with Star Wars marketing as with the marketing for Episode 7.

So far Disney has thrown at us a shitload of trailers, TV spots and clips; probably more merchandizing than the prequel trilogy; a buttload of magazine covers; and the list goes on and on.

Disney has even aknowledged the movie is not going to do as good at the box office as people think, using as an excuse that the brand is not known in all markets. Which is bullshit, of course.

But that's not really a secret. It was fairly predictable the moment Disney decided to release it in December instead of summer. What? To keep Age of Ultron from making more money? That movie sucked serious ass and THAT was the summer main dish for Disney?

You can only imagine how much Episode 7 is going to suck under those circumstances.

I mean, please; a Star Wars movie without George Lucas? Seriously? And you expect people to fall for that?

So to JJ Abrams: FUCK YOU and Disney too. Don't blame on the audience for having their hopes too high. You were the ones who overhyped a movie that had no artistic reason to exist in the first place. The audience is not to blame for having their hopes too high if you keep on peddling a movie that you knew was weak to begin with.

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