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Free Sci-Fi short story book: Ten Short Stories for Geeks; Download it for free! #SciFi

I've been publishing some sci-fi short stories here for a few weeks now. I did this while I finished writing a total of 10 short stories for a book I wanted to publish. I thought it would take me a while to finish writing the stories, but as it turned out, I got them done in less than 3 weeks.

That's right; last week I finished the tenth story for the book, I designed the cover for the book, and I uploaded it to Amazon. Here's the book. It's called Ten Short Stories for Geeks - Volume 1: The Anti-Heroes and it is a collection of humor Sci-Fi stories.

Amazon won't let me give it away for free, so it has a price tag of 99 cents. Although it will be available as a free download soon for about 5 days.

But I what I really want is to give away the book for free, so I uploaded it to a server where you can download it free. These are the links to the book:

Ten Short Stories for Geeks (epub format)

Ten Short Stories for Geeks (Mobi format)

Epub works for iBooks, Stanza and other ereaders. Mobi works with Kindle and other ereaders capable of reading the Mobipocket format.

But if you just want to click a button on Amazon and download the book, they will charge you 99 cents.

The stories included in this book are the following:

1. Moon Diving
2. The Cyborg
3. Alien Invasion
4. The Movie
5. Nanobots
6. Hydrazine Outpost
7. @TheRealYearbook
8. PainStation
9. Gyroscopic
10. The End of the World

Again, these are HUMOR Sci-Fi stories, so expect the weird.

From the description of the book:

The stories you are about to read are not stories of heroes with high moral values. Quite the opposite. They are stories of anti-heroes with no moral values whatsoever. Therefore, do not expect to find any redeeming qualities in here that uplift the spirit above and beyond with high values of leadership and examples of virtue.

What you can expect to find are funny, mostly sci-fi stories about everyday Joes and Janes. Well, everyday geeky Joes and Janes. What you will read are stories anyone can relate to, starred by mundane, imperfect, flawed characters who are selfish, cynical and egotistical. Just like everybody out there.

You will read about a salaried office worker on the Moon; A feminist questioned about software; An alien invasion that didn’t go as planned; How the afterlife deals with a certain kind of death; A nanobot experiment that defied science; A gas station clerk in space; A geek girl who snapped in high school; Security guards entertained by an old machine at an art gallery; A robotics engineer and his rival; And the end of the world on Mars.

All of these stories are intended to be humorous. If you laugh when you read them, their purpose will be served. If you find any important life lessons in them, then stop smoking whatever it is that you’re smoking because it’s affecting your brain.

But most important of all, just relax and enjoy the stories. They’re fun, they’re short, they’re geekfest galore, and you can read one each time you go to the bathroom. It will be the best ten loaves you will pinch this month.

Do I have plans to write more stories? Yes. In fact I already started a couple of outlines for more stories. When will I release them? Don't know yet. But I will release them in the near future.

Anyway, feel free to share this free book with whoever you want. Forward it, email it, post the links on Facebook and Twitter. It's free. Hope you enjoy it.

- Victor Hernandez

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