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AUDIO: Victor Hernandez interviews with Andy Weir, author of The Martian

Victor Hernandez interviews Andy Weir, author of the New York Times best seller novel The Martian, now made into a movie directed by Ridley Scott and starring Matt Damon.

We chat with Andy about his "Cinderella" story as an independent, self-publishing author, his short stories, his other novels, and a whole bunch of other stuff nobody usually asks him in other interviews. But we did ask him because we're a pain in the butt. And proud of it.

PLUS: Right in the middle of the interview Andy goes to the bathroom. For real! Check it out.


Oh, and BONUS TRACK: If you liked Andy Weir's serial Bonnie Mackenzie, here you will hear from Andy himself more plot points about that story.

Buy The Martian on amazon.com using the following links:

Ebook format (English)

Ebook format (Spanish)

Paperback (English)

Paperback (Spanish)

And visit Andy Weir's website: galactanet.com

PS: There's one correction. In the interview we both missed the fact that the last musical to receive an Academy Award for best picture was Chicago, not Oliver. I would also like to state for the record that the scene in Annie Hall in which Woody Allen sits in an elementary school classroom explaining why he kissed some girl when he was a kid is *absolutely creepy* and that makes me really, really, really worried about the Baby Boomers.

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